6-Figure Coach and Selling Author Gene Adam Releases His New Book

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 27, 2019

Gene Adam, international personal branding expert, and author has just released his newest book, “Influencer Secrets”, which is already sold internationally with success.

Gene Adam takes readers through the lessons he learned in his own life that propelled him from being homeless and broke to a successful coach and entrepreneur by using Facebook. According to Gene Adam, anyone, even an unknown person, can build personal brand online and become famous in their field.

“When you are an influencer you can get clients easier than ever before. Once your fans know, like and trust you, you can literally sell them almost anything in your field of expertise. You can sell them books, courses, coaching or a very expensive mastermind. Big companies have been doing it for decades and now you can too!” – Gene Adam.

“Imagine this, if you were a top influencer like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone or Tai Lopez, what would happen if you announce a book for sale today? It will sell millions of copies instantly. How do you achieve the influencer status? You publish your content and show up on social media in a very strategic way. You build your personal brand by showing up in front of your perfect audience by creating videos, podcasts or blogs. For example, Tim Ferriss shows up on podcasts every week and that’s what makes his personal brand bigger and bigger every single day”, the author explains.

“If you are an entrepreneur you need this book like air especially if you use Facebook”, says Gene Adam.

“To get clients just tell stories, warm them up and convert them into hot buyers. This book will help you do just that”, promises Gene Adam.

“You can blow up your personal brand in 90 days or less. By the way, it doesn’t matter what business you are in, anyone can benefit from having a strong personal brand”, says Gene Adam.

Gene Adam is a successful entrepreneur, investor, consultant, and public speaker. He helps coaches, mentors, consultants and experts do whatever it takes to succeed. Gene appears regularly on social media. He travels the world and currently lives in London, UK with his family. Gene’s objective is to do more philanthropic work to fight plastic and save forests. For more, visit: Learn more at https://geneadam.com/book


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