Author Solomon Christian Defines Manhood in Newly Released Book “Mannishlaws”

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What Does it Mean to Be a Man? Find out in “Mannishlaws” by Solomon Christian

New Orleans, LA – USA – January 4, 2020 – As a middle-aged professional man who originated from the “Deep South,” Born in the “City by the Bay,” Mobile, Alabama, Solomon Christian at a young his family relocated to the Northeast, where he grew up. Most of my adolescent life took place in the inner city and the suburbs of Washington, DC. Today, Christian is the proud owner of a thriving small business and the author “MANNISHLAWS – Manhood Defined” which was published on December 26, 2019 and available on Amazon in eBook and paperback.

Christian, says, “I guess my true inspiration for writing this book was a personal need to share information that could be beneficial for the readers. And not just conceptual knowledge, but information that applies to the daily lives of ordinary men.” One thing Christian realized was that many men’s experience seems to overlap. “This told me that, we men, all are experiencing many of the same life issues and challenges,” says Christian. “Regardless of our backgrounds, socioeconomic status, wealth, or lack thereof, we all are experiencing many of the same obstacles relating to interpersonal relationships, personal development and life vision. And while there are similarities in our stories, our faces look very different.”



The concept of the book is actually in the name. “MANNISHLAWS – Manhood defined.” In a nutshell, this book is a compilation of stories, circumstances, and challenges that men have experienced over generations. And while there’s nothing unique or earth-shattering inside the cover of this book, the power of this book comes from the sheer fact that many points covered in this book are things that have been experienced, to some degree, by the reader, or someone that the reader knows. Not only does MANNISHLAWS talk about and attempt to categorize the male experience, it goes even further to define what manhood is. As a result of reading this book, Christian hopes that the readers will become better equipped to understand how to embrace manhood, live life as a real man, and become able to live life at a higher level without regret. The book is available on Amazon.



Solomon Christian is a self-described ordinary man who, on a few life occasions, has had the opportunity to accomplish things that were a little more than ordinary. Even when experiencing some of life’s setbacks, he has been lucky enough to envision how to overcome or see his way around the obstacles.One of Mr. Christian’s biggest and ongoing dreams was to have, or do, “his own thing.” As a professional and business owner, he has accumulated more than 30 years of practical experience and performance awards in sales, management and training in a range of industries that include Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Telecommunication, Construction and Facility Services. In his personal life, he found that those things he was most passionate about were the things he enjoyed most in his various jobs – problem-solving, personal selling, and employee coaching and development. A short time ago that he realized “his own thing” would involve sharing viewpoints in a way that could be useful, even empowering, to others, specifically men. Ordinary men, just like him. Find out more, and stay up to date, at the MANNISHLAWS Blog on YouTube.

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