Ascendancy Management Limited’s DAPP makes its Market Debut

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The DAPP is said to be the world’s first use of DAPP in Digital Assets Arbitrage Trading

Hong Kong – In a landmark development for both the company as well as the realm of digital assets trading, Ascendancy Management Limited (AML) announced on June 17th that its Ethereum based DAPP has completed all its proving trials and commenced operations.

AML’s DAPP, which had been undergoing development, testing and integration since 2019, is regarded as a key component in its business model by Ascendancy Management Limited and its development has been a major priority for the company.

The successful debut of the DAPP means that Ascendancy Management Limited’s clients will now be able to enjoy a high degree of capital protection and near complete security with regards to their funds. 

This is achieved by successfully leveraging on Ethereum Blockchain’s distributed ledger and well-proven Smart Contract technology to ensure complete transparency as well as true independence and impartiality when it comes to usage of trading funds while eliminating any probability for institutional failure or human error.

One of the more significant aspects of the integration of Ethereum-based DAPP and Smart Contract technology into Ascendacy Management Limited’s business model is the availability of all relevant records, including transaction records, to public scrutiny at any point in time on

Experts in the Blockchain industry believe that the successful launch of AML’s DAPP will “bring the application of Blockchain technology to the next level by integrating it into a viable business model with real-world applications.”

In fact, the market growth for blockchain DAPP has been steadily picking up steam with an increasing number of developers being observed to be flocking to the budding and exciting DAPP space to put their creativity to novel use.

Ascendancy Management Limited’s innovative use of Ethereum-based DAPP and Smart Contracts within its business operations has created a stir within the digital asset industry as well as the blockchain realm. This has also enabled Ascendancy Management Limited to stand out from a multitude of companies that engage in arbitrage trading of digital assets, allowing the company to cement its position as one of the leading firms within the digital asset trading realm that possesses immense potential in a relatively short period of time.

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