FXBTG: Winning WikiFX Trading Environment 4A Level

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Recently, FXBTG achieved 4A level in the WikiFX Broker Trading Environment Rating.

Among them, Hangqing and Geye won full mark rating WikiFX (https://class.wikifx.com/us_en/2461594113.html). WikiFX’s broker rating list is one of the mainstream and authoritative brokers in the world, with high expertise and credibility. FXBTG’s rise in the ranking is due to excellent decisions made by the company’s leaders. The company’s current core strategy is shown as follows:

Investment business: Thanks to years of deep work in foreign exchange market, it provides a favorable support for the performance in 2020. The company’s performance this year grows steadily, and new customer number increases by 32% year on year. Moreover, the company lays out future development. This year, the company actively develops product line and customer sources in Southeast Asia countries. While adding new digital currency products at present, the company sets up local offices in Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and other countries in the first half of the year to provide the investors with more agile, diversified and customized comprehensive financial services.

Global agency recruitment: At present, FXBTG expands its global financial market and has signed investment agency agreements with 458 enterprises or individuals in 5 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. In addition, as the group’s business expands into the global market, a large number of agents are waiting for signing. From point to surface, the brand influence of FXBTG will be fully exposed to provide a solid guarantee foundation for future performance.

FXBTG takes the initiative to assume its due responsibilities as a financial enterprise, adheres to the characteristics of the securities trader with [temperature], adheres to the service tenet of low difference, convenient and timely access to money, and tries its best to quickly respond to various demands of investors. Furthermore, FXBTG always adheres to the response speed of 515 (5 days a week, 15 hours a day), serves the investors with high efficiency and high quality, and improves the investors’ satisfaction and loyalty to the group.

FXBTG Finance is registered with National Futures Association (NFA) and is a CFD dealer with contracts for difference authorized by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Service Authority (FSA). FXBTG is committed to making use of big data, block chain and other technologies to enable foreign exchange trading services, so that the participants in global foreign exchange market can have a more transparent, efficient and convenient trading experience.


FXBTG Financial Group provides online trading of global financial market including: foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock indexes, and so on.

In FXBTG Financial Group, we provide Wicresoft agents with more support in management, marketing, education, finance, law, IT technology, backstage management, etc., which aims to establish a stronger and inseparable partnership with the agents. For more details, welcome to FXBTG official website to consult customer service (https://www.fxbtg.nz/).

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Fxbtg Financial Limited
Contact Person: Jacky Lee
Email: Send Email
Phone No: +603 2603 2233
Address: 70 East Beaver Creek Road Unit 30
Country: Canada
Website Url: https://en.fxbtg.nz/Default.aspx

Source : https://kjnewswire.com/6685/fxbtg-winning-wikifx-trading-environment-4a-level


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