NeoNomad Finance Announcing Its Development of an Ecosystem And Soon To Be Launch IDO

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NeoNomad Finance is developing an ambitious ecosystem that will provide opportunities for everyone that gets involved. Development has progressed rapidly, and the team continues to release new features. NeoNomad will hold their $NNI (NeoNomad Investment Token) IDO launch on the following launchpads on 6 April 2022:

  • NomadPad (NeoNomad’s own launchpad)

Whitelisting on NomadPad opens on 29 March 2022. Find out how to get whitelisted here.

Liquidity pools and yield farming will go live on 8 April 2022. Early investors earn higher rewards for providing liquidity and yield farming, so put your $NNI to work and maximise returns on your investment!

Check out the NeoNomad roadmap to see planned feature releases for the coming weeks and months.

The gap between CeFi and DeFi makes it complicated to manage all your fiat and crypto investments. Because of this gap, it is also difficult to spend crypto holdings in a fiat world. This gap also makes investing less accessible and more difficult for the underbanked or unbanked global population. Additionally, there is a lack of opportunity to invest your crypto holdings in other asset classes such as agriculture and precious metals.

NeoNomad Finance bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi by providing an all-in-one dashboard showing fiat, crypto and asset-backed NFT investments in one place. Through NomadPay, the integrated payments service, users can spend crypto gains straight from their wallet with a Visa card. NeoNomad also provides asset-backed NFTs like gold, silver, livestock, blueberries and nut trees. This makes investing in asset classes like precious metals or agriculture easier and more accessible.

Once NeoNomad launches, the token will list on several exchanges, including our own NeoNomad DEX. Thereafter, we will launch our swaps, yield farming, liquidity pools and staking. There are huge DeFi benefits for those who get involved in the NeoNomad ecosystem early. NeoNomad’s liquidity pools enable LPs to earn LP tokens from swap fees, which can be staked in NeoNomad farms to multiply the rewards. With NeoNomad’s Yield Farming, liquidity providers (LP) can also earn rewards in the form of $NNI tokens or stake their LP tokens to earn more $NNI. The First pair that NeoNomad will be Launching for liquidity pools and yield farming is NNI-USDC. Additionally, Nomadpad will go live, giving the community the opportunity to invest in innovative new projects as they launch.

About NeoNomad Finance:

The NeoNomad Finance team has a ridiculously ambitious vision and a diverse group of people in the team to achieve it. The team is composed of individuals with experience in hedge fund investments and trading, blockchain development, business intelligence, and agricultural investments.

Their goal is to provide a more inclusive decentralized finance ecosystem to facilitate financial stability and allow the sustainable growth of wealth for all.

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