Destinewood Pvt Ltd Continues to Building Momentum Launching Three Cryptocurrency – Related Financial Projects

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The crypto world has its eyes set on the iFortune Coin, the Fortune Machine, and the iFortune International Debit card. These three projects from Destinewood are approaching crypto from practical, functional directions that hold a broad appeal.

There is no shortage of people looking for great opportunities in the cryptocurrency and finance  worlds. In the current environment, only a few projects have launched with genuine enthusiasm and innovation surrounding them. UK-based Destinewood Pvt Ltd, led by founders Rahul Thakur and Wendy Winterburn, has changed that dynamic. In exciting news, the company recently announced the launch of three projects of a planned 16. The active projects include the iFortune Coin, the iFortune International Debit Card, and the Fortune Machine. These projects have been met with immediate enthusiasm from within the crypto community and the world in general.

“Our goal is to help make as many global citizens as we can financially independent through our diverse projects, but especially our iFortune Coin,” commented Rahul Thakur, who is recognized as a knowledgeable authority in the cryptocurrency space. “By empowering the world to advance and enrich lives through sound financial opportunities, we know our projects have a bright present and future for all involved.”

According to Destinewood, some highlights of the first three projects include:

  • The iFortune Coin. The coin is a BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain, which is known for its low Gas fees, fast transaction times, safe and reliable, and is very popular with the crypto community. The max supply of the coin is set at 40 million, and a staking program has been established to generously reward early adopters of the coin. Launched at $4.3 and trading at $15 approx. now. Stable and steady growth of this coin catches the eye of the big giants in the industry like Binance and Coin Base!
  • The iFortune International Debit Card. The exciting new card has been developed to be simple to apply for and be approved and provides a way to convert its crypto coins to cash and be used both online and off. The card can be used internationally.
  • The Fortune Machine. The Fortune Machine is an app available from the Google Play store and allows users to stake their coins as well as win rewards for referring other users to the iFortune Coin. Investors are making millions!

The iFortune Coin can be purchased at the LA Token Exchange and the Lbank Exchange.

The community surrounding iFortune recently crossed the 35,000-member milestone. A big part of this interest has been the positive coverage of the project across the biggest and most trusted names in cryptocurrency media, including articles featured on Binance and Coinbase and being listed on top analysis websites like Coinmarketcap, Coin Gecko, and

With the community of 35000, People are making their fortunes by using Fortune Machine App

● In Fortune machine app 15000 investors are earning from $1000 – $5000 a month.

● 5000 investors are earning $5000 – $15000 a month.

● 500 investors are earning $20000 – $30000 a month.

● 250 investors are earning more than $50000 a month.

● 100 investors are earning approx. $100000 a month.

And this is just the beginning.

“You can expect more eye-opening news from Destinewood soon,” remarked the obviously passionate Rahul Thakur. “This is the start. We have 13 more well-planned and strategized projects that will integrate well into our whole business and financial ecosystem. All with the goal of helping change lives for the better!”

For more information and to read the iFortune Coin White Paper be sure to visit

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